Apr 23, 2024

ZoomInfo’s 2024 Yearly Product Update

Explore ZoomInfo’s 2024 updates: New integrations, enhanced data accuracy, and more for strategic sales and marketing!

ZoomInfo’s 2024 Yearly Product Update

ZoomInfo’s 2024 Yearly Update: Driving Strategic Sales and Marketing

ZoomInfo’s 2024 updates deliver a plethora of tools designed to enhance the precision and effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts. With a focus on integration and data management, these enhancements ensure that your operations are not only streamlined but also equipped with the latest in industry-leading insights and functionalities.

Key Enhancements

1. Gong Engage Integration for HubSpot: This new integration allows seamless export of contacts from ZoomInfo to Gong Engage via HubSpot, streamlining workflows and improving campaign execution.

2. TrustRadius Buyer Intent Integration: Leverage buyer intent signals from TrustRadius within ZoomInfo Sales to identify highly interested prospects, enhancing your targeting strategies.

3. Enhanced Salesforce Report Filters in Workflows: Introducing new filters to refine Salesforce reports within workflows, allowing for more precise data segmentation and management.

4. Reset Two-Factor Authentication: Admins now have the capability to reset two-factor authentication for users, improving security management and user access control.

Other Notable Updates

  • Improved Company Quick View Pane: Enhanced visual design and accessibility of key company data at a glance.
  • Admin Capability to Update Intent Topics More Frequently: Flexibility increased to twelve updates per year, allowing for timely adjustments based on market dynamics.
  • Enhanced In-Market Scoring: Now includes impressions and clicks, providing a more comprehensive view of market engagement.
  • Data Improvements: Significant enhancements in data accuracy, especially in company profiles and headcount data, alongside an expansion of international data coverage.

These updates represent just a portion of the innovations introduced this year. For a comprehensive understanding and detailed descriptions of all the new functionalities, reviewing the full release notes is recommended.

Read the full release notes here.

ZoomInfo’s 2024 updates are designed to empower your teams with the tools they need for more effective prospecting, lead management, and customer engagement. Harness these new capabilities to refine your strategies and drive success.