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Pivot strategies Accelerate Revenue

At Pixel & Pivot, we streamline your sales team to prioritize driving business growth over operational tasks. Our Revenue Operations as a Service unifies sales, marketing, and customer service under a cohesive, efficient strategy.

Pivot strategies Accelerate Revenue
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What Is RevOps?

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the alignment of sales, marketing and operations across the full customer life cycle to drive growth through operational efficiency and keep all teams accountable to revenue.

Collaborate more effectively, breaking down silos.

Reach more prospects with greater precision.

Reduce wasted effort and resources.

Make quicker, data-informed decisions.

Enhance the customer experience, leading to more sales and higher loyalty.

Collaborate more effectively, breaking down silos.

RevOps facilitates continuous communication across sales, marketing, and customer success teams, fostering a unified platform for collaboration and shared insights.

It also aligns all departments by setting common metrics and objectives, ensuring they focus on shared outcomes and promoting cooperation over competition.

Reach more prospects with greater precision.

Enhanced understanding and targeting of potential customers more likely to engage allows for tailored marketing strategies that optimize outreach, improving the effectiveness of different channels for focused and strategic engagement efforts.

Reduce wasted effort and resources.

Enhancing operations through automation and prioritizing impactful activities, RevOps leverages existing technologies to streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks and reducing unnecessary efforts, while also analyzing activities to guide teams in effectively allocating their time and resources to those that offer the greatest returns.

Make quicker, data-informed decisions.

Improving access to real-time data and supporting decision-making with thorough data analysis, RevOps ensures that up-to-date information is readily available for rapid responses to market changes and operational results, while also encouraging comprehensive data analysis to uncover deeper insights and trends, allowing teams to base their strategies on solid evidence and a thorough understanding.

Enhance the customer experience, leading to more sales and higher loyalty.

Customizing interactions based on customer data and continuously refining the customer journey, RevOps integrates information across various touchpoints to enable tailored interactions that meet individual preferences and needs, while also regularly assessing and enhancing the customer journey to identify and address issues, ensuring a consistently positive experience that fosters loyalty and retention.

Collaborate more effectively, breaking down silos.

Reach more prospects with greater precision.

Reduce wasted effort and resources.

Make quicker, data-informed decisions.

Enhance the customer experience, leading to more sales and higher loyalty.

CRM System by Pixel Pivot


RevOps as a Service

Empower your business with our expert Revenue Operations team. We provide scalable RevOps solutions tailored to enhance every stage of your sales, marketing, and service processes. Achieve operational excellence and drive growth at a fraction of the cost of in-house resources.

Hubspot Onboarding

Unlock the full potential of HubSpot with our specialized onboarding services. We streamline the integration of HubSpot into your existing frameworks, ensuring a seamless transition and setup.

Lead to Cash Process Implementation

Transform your lead management into revenue with our comprehensive Lead to Cash process implementation. We optimize your sales pipeline from initial engagement to final deal closure, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in converting leads to paying customers with the power of advanced HubSpot integration.

Customer Support Onboarding

Elevate your customer support experience through strategic onboarding of leading support platforms like Intercom, HubSpot, and Zendesk.

Lead generation and Outreach

Go beyond traditional lead generation tactics by incorporating cutting-edge technology and deep market analysis to identify and engage your ideal customers.

Whatsapp marketing and chatbots

Leverage the ubiquitous reach of WhatsApp to deliver personalized marketing and customer engagement solutions.

Working with all your tech stack

Partnering with Leading Tech Stack Solutions for Enhanced Business Efficiency

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What our clients say

Actions speak louder than words, but why not have both? Our clients’ successes are the mic drops after our encore performances.
Here’s the standing ovation in their own words.

Joining forces with Pixel & Pivot was a game changer for us at Fijoya. From the ground up, they built our support, marketing and sales pipelines, and helped us design and adjust the processes and keep refining it.

It was more than just setting up, they truly understood our vision and automated our processes. One of the biggest advantages is their availability whenever we need them, continuously helping us improve our workflows.

They became an integral part of Fijoya, offering hands-on support and expertise of a dedicated in-house team.

Sagi Polani
CO-founder and CPO at Fijoya

Working with Pixel & Pivot was a fantastic experience. The team demonstrated professionalism from defining and scoping our sales needs to implementing our CRM.

Their efforts streamlined our sales process, leading to an increase in sales and enabling us to effectively meet our business goals.

I would highly recommend their services to any growing company.

Imry Atzmon
General Manager US

I've been working with service providers long enough to know that true game-changers are rare. That's exactly what we found in Pixel&Pivot. They didn't just improve our CRM system, they've helped us connect with our customers in more meaningful ways, and that's reflected in our growing client satisfaction rates.

The Pixel & Pivot team stood out because they made the complex simple. They filtered through our data and handed us clear, actionable insights. It's practical, it's effective, and it's completely changed the way we make decisions. The holistic solution we got was tailored to our needs and therefore improved our operations and reduced manual labor, and also brought a new dynamic to our team's daily work.

Eyal Isaac

When Pixel & Pivot joined forces with us at IDMA Commerce, it was like finding the right folks to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. They tackled our HubSpot system and sharpened our sales process until it worked exactly the way we needed.

They're really good at stripping away the unnecessary and keeping it simple. No nonsense – just clear, effective tech that blends into our business. Now, our operations are slick, our sales team is working like a well-oiled machine, and our customers are noticing the improvements.

You can think of Pixel & Pivot as your down-to-earth tech expert who’s always there to lend a hand in plain language, no big tech talk needed.

Idan Cohen

We recently worked with Pixel and Pivot to enhance our sales process, which is quite complex and unique, requiring a lot of collaboration from the client. The approach taken by Pixel and Pivot was highly professional, focusing on our specific needs and schedule.They gained a thorough understanding of our process and introduced a solution that integrated our sales activities with WhatsApp, linking it effectively with our Zoho CRM.

This effort by Pixel and Pivot, and careful attention to detail, has helped us make our sales process more efficient, contributing positively to our business operations and revenue. They were consistently responsive and supportive, providing advice whenever needed. I appreciate Pixel and Pivot's work and would consider engaging with them again for future needs.

Gideon Weiler
Founder and CEO